Wednesday, Nov. 8, 7:30 p.m.

Red Doors

Red Doors tells the story of the Wongs, a bizarrely dysfunctional Chinese-American family living in the New York suburbs.  Ed Wong plots to escape his mundane life by fleeing to a Buddhist monastery.  However, the tumultuous, madcap lives of his three rebellious daughters change his plans. Eldest daughter Samantha, a tough businesswoman, is forced to reevaluate her career and love life as she prepares for her upcoming wedding.  Middle daughter Julie, a fourth-year medical student whose only social outlet is her weekly ballroom dance class, finds her world turned upside down when she meets Mia Scarlett, a movie star researching her next role at the hospital.  And Katie, the youngest sister, is a disaffected high school senior whose increasingly dangerous prank war with Simon, her longtime neighbor and nemesis, masks a peculiar brand of emotional connection.  While the Wongs may no longer be able to verbally express their feelings, Ed and the daughters learn to communicate again through the stories and images from the past. Filmed in Waterford and New London, CT.  Georgia Lee, USA 2005, 90 min. www.reddoorsthemovie.com 

“…agreeable, lightweight movie, written and directed by Georgia Lee, turns the malaises of a suburban family into bittersweet farce that teeters between cheeky humor and surface pathos.”  NY Times

Thursday, Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m.

Pick Up the Mic

Queer Hip-Hop: it’s a lot more than a stylish oxymoron in this surprising, fast-paced documentary on the world of queer rappers.  Featuring searing public performances and raw, revealing interviews with the community’s most significant players, the film captures an unapologetic underground music movement just as it explodes into the mainstream - defying the music industry's most homophobic genre in the process.  Pick Up the Mic features more than a dozen contemporary hip-hop artists, representing a striking range of sexual and ethnic diversity.  Shot over a three-year period, the film traces their intertwining relationships from San Francisco’s underground music scene of the early ‘90s through performances as recent as 2005.  It was recorded in such major cities as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but breaks down coastal stereotypes by also covering performers in such diverse areas as Houston, Minneapolis, and Madison, Wisconsin – and a particularly memorable outdoor gig in the Ozarks.  The artists are followed rehearsing, performing, and struggling – always revealing their raw, most intimate feelings, including experiences with homophobia, gender identification issues, and suicide. Complete & unedited.  Alex Hinton, USA 2005, 95 min.  www.pickupthemic.com

“…A celebration of multicultural diversity, this documentary and its people are thoroughly engaging even for those not into hip-hop itself.”  LA Times

Friday, Nov. 10, 7:30 p.m.

The Gymnast

In her forties, dispirited by her unhappy marriage, unsuccessful in her attempts to get pregnant and tired of floating through life on Prozac, former gymnastic champion Jane has a perfect body but a troubled mind.  Then an old friend reappears in Jane’s world. Wealthy and happily single, Denise teases Jane about possible adventures outside the box of convention.  When Jane meets gymnast-choreographer Nicole and her student, the mysterious and beautiful Serena, she sets upon a journey that could ground her heart and focus her desire for true balance.  Aerial dancing liberates Jane to fly above her humdrum existence; she has the physical strength to perform high above an audience, but is she ready to follow her feelings without a safety net?  As she draws closer to Serena, their sensual, sexually charged performance begins to blur into reality.  Ned Farr, USA 2006, 96 min.  www.thegymnastfilm.com 

“The Gymnast delivers emotional intensity in tastefully spectacular wrappings…the entire film unfolds in the space between physicality and sexuality.”  Variety

Friday, Nov. 10, 9:30 p.m.

Freshman Orientation

College orientation is rarely as demented as in this riotously un-PC farce about a frisky, fumbling 18-year-old freshman who plays gay to ingratiate himself with a ravishing sorority girl.  College newbie Clay is virtually invisible in the eyes of the women on campus.  Yet when a beautiful sorority pledge, Amanda, is challenged to make a homosexual guy fall in love with her, Clay decides to take advantage of the opportunity.  But how does he convince her he’s gay? Clay finds a tutor in the fine art of faggotry in Rodney, a local gay bar owner, but – of course! - the ruse goes awry, causing campus chaos for students of all sexualities.  Originally titled Home of Phobia when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004, writer/director Ryan Shiraki’s hilarious Freshman Orientation bears a delicious similarity to last year’s straight-plays-gay comedy hit Eating Out.  Add many wickedly twisted jabs at identity politics, and bitingly funny supporting turns and you’ve got one orientation program worth enrolling in!  Ryan Shiraki, USA 2004, 92 min.  www.freshmanorientation-themovie.com 

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2:30 p.m.

Camp Out

Rural Minnesota’s The Naming Project Teen Summer Camp is the first of its kind in the country: a religious summer camp for out LGBT youth.  The campers range from the devoutly religious to those seriously questioning their faith.  Eighteen-year-old Thomas wants to be both Christian and gay, but notes that “there is a backlash [towards] Christian gays.  How can you be something when people are telling you you’re evil every day?  But my love for God is greater than them.”  Amongst his fellow campers are cherubic Tim, who wants to make some gay friends (and a boyfriend wouldn’t hurt!), extroverted dyke Christine, and the camp’s resident hottie, Jesse.  In between spiritual activities and sing-alongs with Pastors Brad and Jay, the kids get up to more typical gay teen camp activities -- like Truth or Dare (greatly upsetting Thomas).  With its brisk pace and lots of teen drama, Camp Out is a look into a truly new generation of queer youth, so join us and, as one of the Pastors remarks, “May God give you a fabulous evening.”  Kirk Marcolina & Larry Grimaldi, USA 2006, 78 min.  www.campoutmovie.com 

Please join us on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. for a free reception at the theater!

Saturday, November 11, 7:30 p.m.

Coffee Date

What if your good-for-nothing brother set you up on a hot date and got the gender wrong…or did he?  Todd (Jonathan Bray), a straight guy, goes to work every day and then comes home with nary a date on the horizon.  That is, until his goofy brother, Barry (Jonathan Silverman), sets him up on his very first internet get-together, a coffee date with a hottie named Kelly.  Todd gets to the café and the only unattached person there is a gay guy…guess what: his name is Kelly (Wilson Cruz of My So-Called Life and Noah's Arc).  After a brief, clumsy realization that a straight guy has been set up with a gay guy, the two men hit it off as friends.  To get retaliation against his brother, Todd and Kelly head back to the house and hold hands in front of the mystified brother.  Their joke works as Barry summons Mom (Sally Kirkland) in for the new family crisis. Mom decides that she loves her gay son and joins PFLAG.  As word spreads that he is "openly gay" and has a nice gay lover, the situation spins hilariously out of control and nothing Todd says can convince people otherwise.  Yet he prefers his new best friend Kelly's company; maybe he is gay after all?
Stewart Wade, USA 2005, 93 min.

Saturday, November 11, 9:40 p.m.

Strangers With Candy

When the cult television hit Strangers With Candy was taken off the air, a cry of sadness was heard throughout the land.  Well, let the healing begin! The long-awaited film version is ready for its coming-out party.  The cast and writers from the original series are reunited for this prequel, which takes us back to when our hero, Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), emerges from her long prison stay.  A 46-year-old ex-junkie, she returns to high school in a bid to start her life over, and hopefully snap her father out of his 32-year coma. Jerri realizes that high school isn’t so different from prison, and her hyperactive libido sends her chasing after anything with a pulse.  The film is a showcase for the incomparable Sedaris.  Her physical transformation and soulfully twisted embodiment of Jerri are nothing short of comic genius.  Sedaris and her costars and writers Paul Dinello (who also directed) and Stephen Colbert (of The Colbert Report) have mastered the art of shock comedy, brilliantly layering it with satire and innuendo.  So all you “users, boozers and losers” out there, get off your asses and come get a taste of this sweet, sweet candy.  Paul Dinello, USA 2005, 97 min.  www.strangerswithcandymovie.com 

“Easily the most quotable movie of the year” Slant Magazine
Free Admission for This Screening      Sunday, November 12, 2:30 p.m.

The Laramie Project

For the fourth year in a row, we close with a film that never fails to have an impact on all viewers.  The Laramie Project recreates the efforts of a New York theatre troupe to shed light on a western town’s loss of innocence following a hate crime perpetrated on University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard. Moises Kaufman constructed the script of The Laramie Project using hundreds of hours of actual testimonies from people involved in the story of that murder – from Matthew’s family and friends, to the policewoman who found the 21-year-old’s battered body, and the two young men found guilty of beating him to death.  With a stellar and first-rate cast that includes Christina Ricci, Steve Buscemi, Janeane Garofalo, Laura Linney and Peter Fonda, The Laramie Project is a harrowing, moving and hugely important monument to a dark day in recent history that we should never forget.  
Moises Kaufman, USA 2002, 97 min.  www.hbo.com/films/laramie

“The bottom line is the piece works brilliantly.”  Hollywood Reporter

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  t $8 general admission per film
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