CT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
presents a special benefit screening of the film 

Adam & Steve

What: film Adam & Steve
When: Friday, May 26th @ 10:00 pm
Where: Cinestudio, 300 Summit St., Hartford, CT
Price: $10 general admission; $8 students & seniors

It's New York City in the 80s, where two Goths, a shy gay guy named Adam and his generously sized best friend Rhonda, mistakenly stumble into Glitter Night at a downtown disco. Explaining “We don't dance. We're dead,” Adam does some cocaine laced with laxatives - and gets spectacularly sick - with a cute party boy named Steve. Fast-forward 20 years: Rhonda is a slimmed-down comic, Adam is a (clean & sober) animal lover who leads bird walks in Central Park, and the still-hot Steve is a psychiatrist. When Adam and Steve run into each other again the temperature starts to rise - along with embarrassing memories of their past. A fresh romantic comedy boosted by its spoof of 80s nostalgia and a most entertaining cameo by one-of-a-kind Sally Kirkland.

Written and directed by Craig Chester. 
Cast: Craig Chester, Parker Posey, Malcolm Gets, Chris Kattan, Sally Kirkland.
Time: 99 min
Distributor: TLA Releasing 
Images available upon request.

Film URL: www.adamandstevemovie.com