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On Saturday June 10, 2006

Hearts Cracked Open 
Screening, DVD Signing and Workshop at The Alchemy Juice Bar Café

"A delightful peek into the exotic, erotic world of lesbian Tantra."
-- Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., author, Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex

"Finally, an introduction to Tantric sex just for us."
-- Felice Newman, author, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book

Local filmmaker, Betsy Kalin, returns to CTGLFF to celebrate the DVD release of her 2005 award-winning festival favorite, Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women. The Alchemy Juice Bar Café will host a free encore screening of the documentary at 2 pm on Saturday, June 10th. Following the screening, Betsy will have a DVD signing. At 3:30 pm, Betsy will teach a Tantra workshop for lesbian and bisexual women. The workshop is open to both singles and couples and will focus on techniques for breathing, raising energy and connecting to oneself or one’s partner. There will be a sliding scale fee of $10-15 for the workshop. After the workshop, you are invited to join Betsy for dinner at Alchemy. For more information, please contact or visit

All events take place at 
The Alchemy Juice Bar Café 
203 New Britain Ave, 
Hartford Connecticut
(860) 246-5700 

Saturday, June 10th

2 pm – Free Screening of Hearts Cracked Open 
3 pm – DVD Signing 
3:30-5 pm – Tantra Workshop 
5 pm – Dinner at Alchemy

Hearts Cracked Open tailors the teachings of Tantra, an ancient spiritual practice that has been mainly the domain of heterosexuals, specifically to lesbian and bisexual women. The documentary takes you behind the doors of women-only workshops with the most renowned Tantra teachers in the field as they reveal the secret of how to live in a daily orgasmic state of being. Included are ancient Tantric techniques for increasing intimacy in relationships, solo practice, extended orgasms, sexual healing and personal transformation. The film features Annie Sprinkle, Pamela Madison, Evalena Rose, Marcia Singer, Bruce Anderson, and Sharon Neal Williams.

Hearts Cracked Open has a far reaching appeal for anyone interested in Tantra – all genders and sexualities. The film is filled with humorous anecdotes and favors a down-to-earth perspective that makes Tantra refreshingly easy to understand as well as enjoyable entertainment. "A sensitive, thorough, educational and always exciting exploration of what it means to practice Tantra … a must see for all! Sexy fun!"

Contact: Betsy Kalin
(323) 650-0370 

The Alchemy Juice Bar Café 
203 New Britain Ave, Hartford
(860) 246-5700

The Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
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