The 14th Connecticut

Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


June 1-9, 2001

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Friday, June 1

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Saturday, June 9

Friday June 1
7:30 pm

Field Guide to Western Wildflowers
(Wayne Yung, Canada 2000, 6 min)
A sensuous and highly promiscuous video, featuring
sixty-three men in one long kiss.

I Make Passes at Girls
Who Wear Glasses

(Melissa Levin, Canada 2000, 2 min)
Fourteen gorgeous women line up to flirt, smile, and
take it all off for the camera.

Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World, Episode 2 – Scary
Straight Peopl

(Q. Allan Brocka, USA 2000, 8 min)
Steve’s in-the-dark parents visit West Brickwood;
meanwhile, a dangerous record-buying trip to “regular” Brickwood puts Evan at risk.

Love, Ltd.
(Jennifer Thuy Lan Phang, USA 1999, 20 min)
A quirky, unrelenting tale about the things we choose
to say—or not to say—to our parents, this film
captures an Asian American family’s struggle to come
to terms with homosexuality.

Lost and Delirious
(Léa Pool, Canada 2000, 100 min)
Three adolescent girls discover first loves and sexual
passion in this haunting film. This is a story of
intense teenage emotions. After the romance of Paula and Tory is discovered, their love for each other and their close friendship with roommate
Mary "Mouse" Bradford are tested by parental
opposition and social condemnation. This is a Gothic
tale of love’s blooming, its innocent ecstasy and its
ultimate obsessions.

Opening Night Reception To Follow



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I Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses


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Lost and Delirious

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Karen Black is back in Red DirtAunt Summer

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Dan Montgomery in Red Dirt

Saturday June 2
Matinee 2:00 pm

The Rape of Ganymede
(Tom Whitman and Dustin Woehrmann, USA 2000, 11 min)
n this animated retelling of the Greek myth, Zeus
abducts Ganymede and takes him to Olympus to be his
cupbearer and boy toy.
(Pablo Tapay Bautista, USA 1998, 9 min)
Pool attendant Ramon can only escape his black and
white closet when he swims alone after the pool has
closed. Succumbing to the advances of a handsome
swimmer, he finally stops worrying about how others
see him.
Weeki Wachee Girls
(Kim Cummings, USA 1999, 22 min)
Best friends forever, Katie and Maura have long
dreamed of being part of the live mermaid show at
Weeki Wachee Spring. Everything changes when
fifteen-year-old Katie discovers a secret that
threatens to destroy their friendship.

Red Dirt
(Tag Purvis, USA 1999, 111 min)
In rural Pine Apple, Mississippi, Griffith lives in a
stagnant environment of repressed emotions, dark
family secrets, and fear of change. He is desperate to
leave but obligated to remain and care for his
agoraphophic, eccentric Aunt Summer (Karen
Black). Enter Lee, a handsome drifter with a carefree
approach to life that intrigues Griffith. As the
friendship between the two men deepens, Griffith must
decide where he truly belongs.

Saturday June 2
7:30 pm
History Lessons
(Barbara Hammer, USA 2000, 70 min)
A compelling, humorous, and empowering exploration of lesbian images in society from an award-winning filmmaker. Barbara Hammer finds lesbians everywhere in the shadows of cinema history. Her irreverent documentary reclaims and rewrites lesbian history.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
(John Cameron Mitchell, USA 2001, 95 min)
Adapted from the critically acclaimed off-Broadway rock theatre hit, this film tells the story of an rock singer, Hedwig, and her search for stardom and love.  Born a boy named Hansel who dreamed of becoming a rock star, Hedwig survives a botched sex-change operation that leaves her with an "angry inch." Undeterred, she dons immaculate makeup and a Farrah Fawcett wig and forms a rock band. Through a collage of songs, flash-backs and animation, Hedwig tells her life story. With a sparkling performance by John Cameron
Mitchell as Hedwig and a Grammy-nominated soundtrack, the film created a sensation at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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Journey to a Hate Free Millennium

Sunday June 3
Matinee 2:00 pm
Journey to a Hate Free Millennium
(Brent Scarpo and Martin Bedogne, USA 1999, 80 min)
A sensitive and insightful exploration of the murder
of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming, the dragging death ofJames Byrd Jr. in Texas, and the shootings at
Columbine High School in Colorado. The filmmakers draw powerful connections between the evils of homophobia, racism, and youth violence. The film includes extensive testimony from the victims’ family and friends. Compelling interviews with Elton John, Kathy Najimy, young people, and a former white supremacist offer a range of perspectives on one of the most daunting and important problems of our time. A panel discussion will be held after the screening.
This event is sponsored by Aetna.

Sunday June 3
7:30 pm
The Bradfords Tour America
(U.B. Morgan and Jann Nunn, USA 1999, 51 min)
In this subversive documentary, queer filmmakers U.B. Morgan and Jann Nunn go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradford, a wholesome Christian married couple who are making a film on homosexuality for their Sunday school classes. Bob and Mary set out on a cross-country motor home sojourn,
conducting research into what extreme-right
fundamentalists think and say about homosexuals when no one else is listening. Their tour includes Jerry Falwell’s church, the Jesse Helms Center, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, and the Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Big Eden
(Tom Bezucha, USA 2000, 118 min)
This irresistible romantic comedy takes place in Big Eden, Montana, a mythical town where neighbors are supportive, caring and free from prejudice. Arye Gross stars as Henry Hart, a successful New York artist who returns to his boyhood home to care for his ailing grandfather. Once there, Henry must come to
terms with his unrequited love for his best friend from high school. Still smitten, Henry fails to notice that the shy, unassuming Native American owner of the town’s general store, has fallen in love with him.  When tragedy strikes, the entire town embarks on a plan to resolve this unspoken love triangle and create a happy ending. Audience Awards for Best Feature at the New York, Los Angeles and San
Francisco L&G film festivals.

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Big Eden 

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Boy Named Sue











Monday June 4
7:30 pm
Boy Named Sue
(Julie Wyman, USA 2000, 57 min)

Accompany female-to-male transsexual Theo on a
six-year odyssey of physiological transformation and
self-discovery. Along the way, his supportive
girlfriend Lisi confronts the ramifications of this
change for her own identity as a lesbian. The
filmmaker succeeds in crafting a loving tribute to remarkable people and an intelligent commentary on the fluidity of gender identity.

Revoir Julie (Julie and Me)
(Jeanne Crépeau, Canada 1998, 91 min)
Freshly single, Juliet has decided to take stock of
her life and start anew. She begins by leaving Quebec
to see Julie, an important person from her childhood.
Fifteen years earlier, an impromptu kiss broke their
bond and ended their friendship. Finding Julie in
the countryside, Juliet endeavors to rekindle their
relationship and explore the strong chemistry and
sexual tension that exists between them. Set against a
beautiful landscape that balances Quebec’s natural
splendor and the rustic charm of Julie’s cottage,
this story of second chances unfolds at a languid,
romantic pace.
French and English with English subtitles.

Tuesday June 5
7:30 pm
Rick and Steve:
Episode 3, Potty Mouth Training

(Q. Allan Brocka, USA 2000, 8 min)
Kirsten and Dana baby-sit a genderless tyke while Rick and Steve think about spicing up their sex life. 

The Ambiguously Gay Duo #9: Trouble Comes Twice
(J.J. Sedelmaier, USA 2000, 3 min.)
The diabolical Branio and Big Head plot to destroy the NBA. Can our heroes save the day?
Ashley, 22
(Monica Nolan, USA 2000, 13 min)
Jen has a date with Ashley at the local lesbian bar—or does she? The thrills and pitfalls of pursuing a younger woman are revealed when Jen attempts to answer this question.
Deb Strutt and Liz Baulch, Australia 2000, 9 min)
Dee wakes up with a stranger in her bed, and her neighbor Paul is discovering new spice in an old relationship. Hilarity ensues when the close quarters of inner-city living creates a contest to keep up with the Jones.

The Perfect Son
(Leonard Farlinger, Canada 2000, 93 min)
An emotional journey with the qualities of a fable, this film deals sensitively with the search for connections and acceptance with-in
the family. Theo, a thirty-year old writer, struggles to over-come alcohol and drug dependency and regain control of his life.
The death of their father reunites Theo with his
brother Ryan, a conservative lawyer. Old rivalries continue to keep the brothers estranged until Theo accidentally discovers Ryan’s secrets— Ryan is gay and dying of AIDS. An uneasy struggle for common ground ensues as the film explores the meaning of love, responsibility, and the complexity of relationships.

Rick and Steve

The Ambiguously Gay Duo







The Perfect Son

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Wednesday June 6
7:30 pm
(Jean-François Monette, Canada 2000, 38 min)
This edgy, unpredictable coming-out story focuses on
Rory, a six-teen-year-old fast food delivery boy. He
suspects that one of his middle-aged customers has a
crush on him, but could Rory be the one with
unanticipated feelings?
The Offering
(Paul Lee, Canada 2000, 10 min)
The evolution of love and friendship between a
Japanese monk and a young novice progresses with the poetic beauty of the passing seasons.

(Robert J. Siegel, USA, 2000, 98 min)
This coming of age tale reminds us how “feeling
different” is a universal part of growing up. A young
girl’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of a
sexy siren. When Josie comes to town, Frankie finds
herself inexplicably drawn to the beautiful stranger. Friendships blossom and are tested as Frankie begins her journey down the road of sexual awakening

Thursday June 7
7:30 pm
The Sleeping Man
(Peitor Angell, 6 min)
A romantic comedy in which a devastatingly gorgeous guy literally sleeps through an entire relationship played out in five scantily brief chapters. Italian with English subtitles.
Two Encounters
(Rodney Evans, USA 2000, 7 min)
Armed with hidden buttonhole cameras two gay men, one black and one white, go to two gay bars in New York, one predominantly black and one predominantly white, to uncover the "racialized geographies of New York’s gay bar scene."
Below the Belt
Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona, Canada 1998, 12 min)
Two young women constantly at odds with one another, begin to admit their true feelings, when one finds that her mother also harbors a sexual secret.
(Scott Beveridge, Canada 1999, 5 min)
In the midst of AIDS, love, regret, and exoneration, the line between consent and assault becomes blurred in this disturbing study of sexual violence.

The Man I Love (L'homme que j'aime)
(Stephane Giusti, France 1997, 93 mins)
From the director of last year's hit Why Not Me?, comes another captivating romantic tale. Martin, an out-of-the-closet poolboy makes no secret of his crush on Lucas, a hunky straight lifeguard.  He's positively relentless in his pursuit, even using Lucas' girl-friend to get closer. Through into the mix a drag queen who lip-syncs in sign language and a gay wedding. No matter how messy things get, we're rooting
for these characters all the way!

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Scout’s Honor


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The Girl

Sex Becomes Her

Friday June 8
7:30 pm
Scout’s Honor
(Tom Shepard, USA 2001, 57 min)
The terrible costs of the Boy Scouts of America’s
exclusion of openly gay men and boys are evident in
this deeply affecting documentary.  The courageous stand of thirteen-year-old Steve Cozza, the straight founder of Scouting for All, is the heart of the story. Along with seventy-year-old David Rice, Cozza launches a grassroots campaign to prove that the BSA’s policy contradicts the moral principles that are central to the tradition of scouting.
Winner of the Documentary Audience Award and the
Freedom of Expression Award at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

The Girl
(Sande Zeig, USA, 2000, 84 min)
A painter falls in love with a nightclub singer. The
singer has never had such an affair and it brings
poetry into her life. The painter is also stepping
into a world that she doesn’t know. In the coming
weeks, the painter becomes increasingly obsessed.
Stylishly shot, The Girl is set in a Paris that is
timeless and the women are fabulous.

Friday June 8
Late Show 11:00 pm- Seperate Admission
Sex Becomes Her
(Mike Aho, UK 2000, 70 min)
An insightful voyage into the world of gay porn, this
film is also an intimate portrait of the small town
boy who made it big in drag as Chi Chi LaRue. LaRue
tours his boyhood home in Minnesota and recounts Larry Paciotti’s transformation from a fat, effeminate kid into the gay icon who changed the face of gay porn.  Follow LaRue onto the set as he provides an insider’s guide to the making of adult films. The Gay Porn Awards, the infamous Chi Chi LaRue Birthday Bash, night clubs antics, and private sex parties are
exposed in this entertaining and often outrageous expose.

Saturday June 9
Matinee 2:00 pm
Transit: Adventures of a Boy in the Big City
(Heather Cameron, Canada 1999, 20 min)
A natty young “fellow” walks through Berlin and reflects on the ways in which radical changes in the urban landscape influenced the emergence of his trans identity. A portrait of a thoughtful “boy” confronting the incompleteness of both his body and his city.
David’s Walls
(Andrea Janakas, 5 min)
Tori Amos’s "Cruel" helps demonstrate a brief symbolic vision of the reality of AIDS and the challenge of self-acceptance.
Lovely is Your Name
(Véronique Lenouki, Canada 2000, 4 min)
Love, lust and daydreaming at the laundromat.
Hi, I’m Steve
(Robert Kennedy, Canada 1999, 6 min)
Sexual dissatisfaction leads Steve to telephone
dating. In the process, he discovers a new fetish at the core of his erotic being.

Muriel’s Parents Have Had It Up To Here
(Philippe Faucon, France, 1995, 74 min)
Muriel tells her mother that she “prefers girls to
boys”. Mom is aghast and Dad remains aloof. Muriel has left the nest to study in Paris where she falls under the spell of Nora – a sexy and saucy woman who revels in her seductive powers. Nora flirts shamelessly with others but Muriel doesn’t give up.
French with English subtitles

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Muriel’s Parents Have Had It Up To Here

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All Over the Guy

Saturday June 9
7:30 pm

Your Kiss
(Brad Robinson, USA 1998, 4 min)
On the rooftop of a Mission district residence in San
Francisco, a group of local men form a circle of
delicious kisses.
Rick and Steve: Episode 4, Menage a Twat
(Q. Allan Brocka, USA 2000, 8 min)
Rick and Steve hit the clubs looking for a third;
Kirsten and Dana have more baby problems.
Home for Christmas
(Frank Mosvold, Norway 2000, 5 min)
Annie has some good news to share with her family.
While mom is preparing the Christmas turkey, Annie
reveals that she is a lesbian.  Is her family’s loving response a dream or a dream come true?
Coming to Terms
(Shawn Postoff, Canada 2001, 17 min)
Alone in his college dorm room, a young man struggles with his family’s reaction when he is pressured into coming out to them over the telephone. Damian realizes that both he and his family have an arduous journey ahead if they are to come to terms with his sexuality.

All Over the Guy
(Julie Davis, USA 2001, 95 min)
A contemporary romantic comedy about the universal
quest for true love. Tom is a recovering-alcoholic
with a fear of commitment, and he seems an unlikely
partner for sensitive Eli. The pair do everything in
their power not to fall in love. As both men struggle
to overcome their hang-ups, they begin to surrender
their hearts to one another. Watch for Christina Ricci
and Lisa Kudrow in supporting roles.
Closing Night Party To Follow.

Tickets Prices
$8 per show
$6 students and seniors
$10 Opening and closing nights (incl.Reception)
$8 Opening and closing nights for students and seniors
$20 for three day pass (not valid opening or closing
$60 for a Festi-pass (all 12 shows!)

Tickets Available at:
Hartford: Reader’s Feast and Metrostore Hamden: Best
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