2007 Film Festival Line-up

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Thur 5/31, 8:00 - A Four Letter Word Mon 6/4, 7:30 - Spider Lilies
Fri 6/1, 7:30 - Nina's Heavenly Delights Tues 6/5, 7:30 - Another Woman
Sat 6/2, 4:00 - The Godfather of Disco Wed 6/6, 7:30 - Mom
Sat 6/2, 7:30 - Cut Sleeve Boys Thur 6/7, 7:30 - Go West
Sat 6/2, 10:30 - Creatures from the Pink Lagoon Fri 6/8, 7:30 - Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Sun 6/3, 4:00 - Puccini for Beginners Sat 6/9, 7:30 - Boy Culture
Sun 6/3, 7:30 - Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds Full Schedule on single page


Friday, June 1, 7:30 p.m. - Opening Night        buy tickets now        Come out early to the Cinema Café

Nina's Heavenly Delights
(Pratibha Parmar, UK, 2006, 94 min)
Prodigal daughter Nina Shah returns home to Scotland after her father's sudden death. When she discovers that her father had secretly entered the family restaurant in the Best of the West Curry Competition, Nina embarks on a personal mission to lead “The New Taj” to a win. Things get complicated however, when she finds herself falling for Lisa, the charismatic young woman who is now part owner of the restaurant. Filmmaker Pratibha Parmar serves up a romantic cinematic feast where Scottish humor meets Bollywood spectacle.
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Private Life
(Abbe Robinson, UK, 2006, 16 min)
In 1952 England, Ruth leaves the monotony of her work at a textile mill and secretly takes the train to Manchester, where a secret rendezvous reveals that nothing is quite what it seems.

  Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples
(Greg Pak, US, 2005, 7 min)
A man gets the hiccups at a camp for troubled couples… but what secret is he really hiding?
Frocks Off - Jamel
(Rosetta Cook, Australia, 2005, 4 min)
Her mother's engagement dress symbolizes both the love and despair of Jamel's life...
The Police Box
(Josh Kim, Hong Kong, 2006, 7 min)
A girl writes love letters to a policeman and puts them in a police box on his beat. One day a jealous boy sees her tampering with the box and decides to play a trick on the two.
The Frank Anderson
(Dave Perkal, US, 2006, 13 min)
Frank Anderson has man-boobs.  Losing his battle against the insurance company to have them reduced, yet winning the super hot woman, starts a man-boob phenomenon.  Written by Orit Schwartz.  www.thefrankanderson.com

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