Friday, June 4 - 7:30pm

This evening will benefit the Connecticut Coalition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Civil Rights.

DRAGTIME (Patti Kaplan, USA 1997, 75 min.) Finally a film that revels in the sheer delightful fabulousness of drag! A joyful look into the lives of some of the most famous drag queens of today: Varla Jean Merman, Candis Cayne, Lady Bunny, Charles Busch and Lypsinka. These frocked out femmes of fashion light up the screen!


EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (David Moreton, USA 1998, 100 min.) The year is 1984. The music is Bronski Beat and Boy George. Eric and his best friend Maggie have summer jobs at an amusement park in small-town Ohio. To cover up his growing attraction to handsome co-worker Rod, Eric pretends a relationship with Maggie, unaware that she is falling in love with him. An honest film that truly captures the conflicts and confusions of teenage sexuality. Lea DeLaria shines as the Eric's friend and mentor.

Opening Night Reception

Saturday, June 5 - 2:00 pm matinee

ANYTHING ONCE (Dan Aeberhard, USA 1998, 25 min.) Will Joey break the habit of a lifetime and have sex with a woman? Will super-straight Mike have sex with a man? Will they try Anything Once?

FAIRY TALE (David Kittredge, USA 1998, 30 min.) "Once upon a time...." Todd and Eric have been together for three and a half years. Now, for the first time, Todd is bringing Eric home to meet his parents. And neither is prepared for what follows.

Filmmaker will be present.


HONEY, I SENT THE MEN TO THE MOON (Marta Balletbo-Coll & Ana Simon Carezo,Spain 1998, 75 min.) This wacky farce follows Rosa, a bungling employee who is hired as CEO of a sanitary napkin Company. After it is discovered that stress, brought on by men, is decreasing women's menstruation cycles, Rosa, with the aid of an ever-so-cute scientist develops a plan to rid the world of stress, bring world peace and provide plenty of job opportunities (even the Pope's position is available). A wildly rebellious comedy about female empowerment, a world without men and sanitary napkin sales!

Saturday, June 5 - 7:30 pm

GOODNIGHT, I LOVE YOU (Gordon Thomas, USA 1997, 6 min.) A humorous animated tale of one guy's communication to himself, his therapist, and if he could, what he'd say to his ex-lover.

RUBBER GLOVES (Tom E. Brown, USA 1998, 7 min.) A twisted take on the social, physical and psychological consequences of living with AIDS.

MAJORETTES FROM OUTERSPACE (David Fourier, France 1997, 6 min.) French extraterrestrial cheerleaders. Need we say more?

JUST ONE TIME (Lane Janger, USA 1997, 8 min.) A straight man's ultimate fantasy - we all know what it is. So after the boyfriend pleads with his resistant girlfriend to try it "Just One Time," she gives in... adding some ideas of her own.

SOME GROUND TO STAND ON (Joyce Warshaw & Janet Bans, USA 1998, 35 min) Blue Lunden is a working class lesbian activist whose odyssey of personal transformation parallels lesbian women's changing roles over the past 40 years. A touching, inspiring look at a generation's struggle for a lesbian identity and consciousness.

Filmmaker will be present.


EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE (Angelina Maccarone, Germany 1997, 90 min.) This incredibly sexy German comedy of errors features imaginative visuals, a devilishly funny script and two gorgeous Afro-German heroines. Jilted lover Nabou is a slacker obsessed with her ex-girlfriend. In order to spy on her, she takes a job as a maid for Kim, the cool ad exec who lives downstairs. The two seemingly opposite women, who share only the petty racism inflicted on them, begin to fall for each other much to everyone else's alarm..

Sunday, June 6 - 2:00pm Matinee

GOLDEN THREADS (Lucy Winer & Karen Easton, USA 1998, 60 min.) A profile of Christine Burton, an 80 year old activist who started what has become a major organization for older lesbians - Golden Threads. These women are a revelation: refusing to be described as feisty; everlooking for love; and full of hilarious testimony.


FINDING NORTH (Tanya Wexler, USA 1997, 95 min.) A chance encounter produces the greatest rewards in this bittersweet film. Rhonda, a big-haired bank teller from Brooklyn, first spots Travis as he's about to jump from a bridge. In Travis she sees a golden opportunity to rescue a lost soul and fall in love in the process. But there's one major obstacle: he's a distraught gay man grieving the loss of his lover, Bobby. Through her selfish persistence, Rhonda wiggles her way into his life, and the unlikely pair head to a small Texas town to fulfil Bobbyís last wish. A 90ís romantic comedy of sorts, Finding North is an allegory for that elusive destination we're all looking for ñ we don't know how to find it, but we know when we get there.

Sunday, June 6 - 7:30pm

DIRTY BABY DOES FIRE ISLAND (Todd Browning, USA 1997, 9 min.) A wide-eyed doll explores the wild life on Fire Island.

WAVELENGTHS (Pratibha Parmar, England 1997, 15 min.) A lovesick lesbian finds super cybersex on the wavelengths of the Internet.

IN GOD WE TRUST: IN LEATHER WE LUST (Yves J. Menou, USA 1998, 26 min.) a documentary which shows a different perspective on what leather truly means to leather men.


REGULAR GUYS (Rolf Silber, Germany 1996, 100 min.) Christoph is a macho (i.e. homophobic) detective who has been thrown out by his girlfriend. He wakes up next morning with a bad hangover--and in the bed of the very cute and very naked Edgar, a gay auto mechanic. The seemingly straight, but homeless Christoph moves in with Edgar and things grow more complicated: he discovers not only is Edgar involved in shady dealings but that he has fallen in love with Christoph! This witty comedy of errors and sexual persuasions is fast paced and loads of fun.

Monday, June 7 - 7:30pm

ELIZABETH TAYLOR SOMETIMES (Deborah Strutt, Australia 1998, 8 min.) From the maker of last yearís festival hit My Cunt, comes this in your face monologue. Liz only wishes she was this salty and this thin.

THE LESBIAN TAPES (AFTER ILENE SEGALOVE) (Melissa Levin, USA 1998, 1 min.) Two dykes whine about vanilla sex.

LISA, LISA (Melissa Levin, USA 1998, 10 min.) Have you ever dated a Lisa?

POSITIV (Mike Hoolboom, Canada 1997, 10 min.) A visually arresting rumination on one man's HIV status.

SINK OR SWIM (John McCabe, USA 1997, 30 min.) A comedy fantasy about a conservative gay man who has the time of his life in a gay nightclub!


AFTER STONEWALL (John Scagliotti, Janet Baus & Dan Hunt, USA 1999, 88 min.) The sequel to Before Stonewall, chronicles the history of the lesbian and gay movement from the riots at Stonewall to the end of our century. Narrated by Melissa Etheridge, it tells the remarkable tale of the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories of the LGBT community that started with a rebellious few and has grown into a worldwide movement.

Tuesday, June 8 - 7:30pm

OFF THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW (Katherine E. Sender, USA 1998, 63 min.) traces television images of lesbians, gays and bisexuals since the late 1960s: from a few sick or criminal characters to a much greater range of sympathetic portrayals today. This exceptional piece takes the point of view that even with Ellen's much publicized coming out, there is still a long way to go fully include a queer perspective on television.

Filmmaker will be present.


OUT OF SEASON (Jeanette Buck, USA 1998, 98 min.) Commitment-shy Micki travels to Cape May, NJ to care for her ailing Uncle Charlie. Charlieís best friend, the aloof Roberta is the only other dyke in town. Micki doggedly pursues her until a friendship is made and romance is a possibility. With humor, compassion and wonderful romantic electricity between the two leads, Out of Season is guaranteed to entertain, amuse and just might make a romantic out of the most hardened dyke.

Wednesday, June 9 - 7:30pm

ROE VS. ROE (Meghan OíHara and Ilene Findler, USA 1997, 50 min.) Norma Rae McCorvey was an unloved and abused child. She dropped out of school and married at 16, became a mother at 17, and came out as a lesbian at 18. And in 1973 she became Jane Roe, the anonymous plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court ruling on abortion. Roe vs. Roe deftly shows the enormity of responsibility McCorvey has dealt with in her life of immense contradictions and those faced by her lover of 28 years, Connie Gonzales.

Filmmaker will be present.


PASAJES (Daniel Calposoro, Spain 1996, 89 min.) Seething with grit and passion, Pasajes could be described as a Spanish version of the sexy thriller Bound. Ruthlessly brutal by profession, but childlike within, professional thief Gabi forms the turbulent center of this mysterious lesbian action feature. Combining elements of a classic crime thriller with intense psychodrama, the film paints a portrait of a woman living in a dream world that will be complete only when she finds the woman of her dreams ad retires from her violent day job.

Thursday June 10 7:30pm

ROOF (Betsy Calin, USA 1998, 22 min.) Two women stake out their territory on a rooftop...

A GOOD SON (Robert Little, USA 1998, 12 min.) is set against the backdrop of a diving meet where a boy has his first romantic encounter with another boy.

LYCANTHROPHOBIA (Harry Victor, USA 1998, 15 min.) A full moon. A smoky bar. All Ted wanted was a drink. What he got instead might change his life forever.

SLEEPING BEAUTIES (Jamie Babbit, USA 1998, 15 min.) High Art's Radha Mitchel as an ice-cold beauty sent to try the patience of a mortuary cosmetician.


ROCK THE BOAT (Bobby Hudson, USA 1998, 89 min.) Nine guys, one hurricane and 2000 miles of ocean. This remarkable documentary takes us on a classic misadventure, as a motley crew of HIV+ sailors gets in over their heads as they sail the Trans-Pacific Yacht Race from California to Hawaii yet mange to survive and emerge as heroes. Equal parts adventure movie, black comedy and intimate human drama Rock the Boat is unique in the way it speaks to us all. Don't miss this funny, inspiring, and unforgettable portrait of ordinary guys and their will to survive.

Friday, June 11 - 7:30pm

THE RIGHTEOUS BABES (Pratibha Parmar, England 1998, 50 min.) The newest work from the director of Jodi: An Icon focuses on the intersection of feminism and popular music in the work of female recording artists, from Ani Di Franco and Sinead OíConnor to Madonna and Courtney Love. The righteous rage of The Righteous Babes tears the cobwebs off feminism: these fierce rock divas roll it out of the libraries and into packed concert halls. A sexy invigorating must see!

BOY NEXT DOOR (Carl Pfirman, USA 1998, 13 min.) Sibling rivalry prevails when a teenage brother and sister trade cruel pranks in a competition for the attention of the hunky new Boy Next Door.


WE'RE FUNNY THAT WAY (David Adkin, Canada 1998, 86 min.) Leave your Prozac at home and come roar at Canadaís (and the worldís) first queer comedy roundup (produced by and featuring Hartford's own Maggie Cassella). Hear Lea Delariaís impressions about her visit to the National Right to Life Congress, Steve Moore's sero-quips (ìAIDS! Hope I never get that again!î), Kate Clinton's political savvy, Bob Smithís gay math problems, John McGivern's bliss in Barbie's dream house, and so much more. These comics discuss the issues of the pressure to do closeted comedy and the stresses and joys of coming out to straight audiences. The truth has never been so funny!

Saturday, June 12 - 2:00 pm matinee

Presented in cooperation with the Connecticut Stonewall Foundation.

GENDERNAUTS (Monika Treut, USA 1999, 90 min.) is a tour of San Francisco's Transgender community. San Francisco is a city where the sun always shines and the boundaries set by labels such as male/female/straight/gay/lesbian and transgender dissolve creating an environment in which people can discover themselves. Familiar faces are on hand to lead us throughóAnnie Sprinkle, Stafford, Jordy, and Max as we meet the supportive 'family' that constantly challenges convention. These are warm affectionate portraits and the end result is a fascinating and stimulating picture of a community.

Panel discussion to follow.

Saturday, June 12 - 7:30pm

MURRAY FOR MAYOR (Lucia Davis, USA 1997, 4 min, video). Lesbian performer Betsey Gallagher takes to the streets of New York City to campaign for mayor with an agenda of diversity and acceptance that only a drag king could espouse.

FISH BELLY WHITE (Michael Burke, USA 1998, 25 min.) Winner of the prize for Best Short at Sundance Film Festival, this powerful vignette finds a young teenager on the cusp of discovering his sexual identity through his attraction to an older boy.

KALIN'S PRAYER (DeSales, USA 1998, 30min.) Based on a true story, the film takes us inside the tortured mind of a bright young lesbian model as she battles the demons of her past and the crack addiction of her present, regarding with dimming hope the redemptive power of love.

Filmmaker will be present.


RELAX, IT'S JUST SEX (PJ Castellaneta, USA 1998, 110 min.) An ensemble romantic comedy with a difference, Relax... is a film about relationships, friendships and, of course, sex. A tight knit group of lesbian, gay, and straight friends, who struggle to live, love, stay friends in modern day LA. Playwright Vincie (Party of Fiveís Mitchell Anderson) canít find the right guy, he complains to Tara (Bound's Jennifer Tilly) the sexy resident den mother who is preoccupied with trying to get pregnant with Gus who is not sure he is ready to settle down. Meanwhile, long-time lesbian couple, Surina and Meghan, are breaking up. And this is only the beginningÖChanging tone effortlessly between comedy and tragedy, Relax... is a story of friendship for the millenium. Finally a comic film that the whole GLBT family can enjoy!

Closing Night Reception to follow

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