The 13th Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The 13th Connecticut

Gay & Lesbian 

Film Festival

June 2-10, 2000

Hartford, CT



Friday 6/2/00    Opening Night

Saturday 6/3/00 - Matinee

Saturday 6/3/00 - Evening

Sunday 6/4/00 Matinee/Eve 'Queer as Folk'

Monday 6/5/00

Tuesday 6/6/00

Wednesday 6/7/00

Thursday 6/8/00

Friday 6/9/00

Saturday 6/10/00 – Matinee

Saturday 6/10/00 – Evening















Friday 6/2- Opening Night Gala- 7:30pm

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

(Allan Brocka, USA 1999, 8 min, 16mm )

Enter an animated, Lego-land world for a hilarious and biting look at two gay couples experiencing the ups and downs of contemporary coupling.

Sum Total

(Sonali Gulati, USA 1999, 5 min, VHS)

Using photography, poetry, and music, an Indian woman "recomputes" her cultural identity to "account" for her lesbian identity.

Verbal Sex: The Art of Nyna

(Alberto Ferreras, USA 1999, 8 min, 16mm)

Beginning with some general statements about her performance art, this short continues to feature Nyna's erotic poetry, complemented with music and video clips, about a sexual encounter with a straight woman.

The Trey Billings Show

(David Briggs, USA 1999, 35 min, Beta)

Created and produced by David Briggs, Carl Capotorto, and David Drake, The Trey Billings Show is a sophisticated satire of late night, low-rent, public access television. In this episode, our host has managed to bring Miss Dodie Day (a TV icon who is now selling a new line of skin care products) on his show. David Drake provides a riotous performance as he fills both the loafers of Trey Billings and the pumps of Miss Dodie Day.  Filmmaker will be present.



Why Not Me? (Pourquoi Pas Moi?)

(Stephane Giusti, France 1999, 94 min)

Twenty-somethings Eva (the ladies’ woman), Ariane (the intellectual), and Nico (the hunky soccer player) live it up in Paris, far from the heterosexual presumptions of their parents. An afternoon with Camille (the PFLAG poster child) and her mom is enough to convince the trio that it’s time to tell all.  With support from Camille’s mom and straight colleague, Lili, they resolve to do just that. To their surprise, they learn that parents may have closets too! French with English subtitles




Saturday 6/3/00- Matinee- 2:00pm

Living With Pride: Ruth Ellis at 100

(Yvonne Welbon, USA 1999, 60 min, Beta)

Director Yvonne Welbon leads us on a journey through Ruth Ellis’ life, an African-American centurion is recognized as  the oldest, out lesbian in the United States.  Beginning with the Springfield race riots in 1908 through her involvement in the lesbian community of the 1990s, Ellis has been at the center of it all, making her home the heart of the gay and lesbian community in Detroit before a proper one existed in the city. 


Let It Come Down

(Jennifer Baichwal, USA 1998, 75 min, 16mm)

Hailed as "the conversation with Bowles you always wanted to have" (David Cronenberg), Let it Come Down is a film which invites its audience to experience Paul Bowles' writing and music in a way they never have before--through the perspective of the writer and those who were closest to him. During this documentary, Bowles, who passed away last year, speaks out on his life, his work, his friends, and his unconventional marriage to Jane Bowles, while inviting us into the freedom he knew in Morocco. His renown book, The Sheltering Sky, is discussed, in length, by both William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Additional appearances are also made by Jane Bowles and Cherifa, Jane's lover of twenty years who is rumored to have poisoned her to death, as well as others who were close to Bowles during his life. This broad yet penetrating perspective into Bowles' life and work provides the audience with a final insight into his accomplishments and contributions, both to the world of literature and the greater society.


Saturday 6/3/00 - Evening 7:30pm 

Our House

(Meema Spadola, USA 2000, 57 min, Beta)

This documentary explores the experiences of 5 diverse gay and lesbian families with children. The kids speak honestly and frankly about their home lives and their school lives, and how the two intersect.  With courage and compassion, these kids, together with their gay and lesbian parents, are writing new histories as they struggle to redefine out culture's traditional of family.


Could Be Worse

(Zack Stratis, USA 2000, 90 min, Beta)

This musical will have you rolling with laughter as director Zack Stratis introduces the audience to his Greek-American family. Exploring his relationships with his siblings and his parents as they plan the celebration of his parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary, Zack’s recurring question is "What should I say in my film?" Not only is he talking about the intricacies of his family’s "personal" life, but also about being gay in this traditionally closed family.  Filmmaker will be present.



Sunday 6/4/00

Matinee-2:00/Evening- 7:30

(Tickets for the Entire Day will be only $12)

Queer as Folk

(Chris McDougall and Sarah Harding, UK 1998, 480 min Beta)

"The best TV series you'll probably never see" (Entertainment Weekly), Queer as Folk has hit festivals around the country, bringing to Americans this fabulous series from across the Atlantic. A far cry from Will and Grace, Queer as Folk features three gay men, a lesbian couple, and a host of minor characters, presenting "real" people, not role models. The series looks at many issues within the gay community, including teen sex, drugs, promiscuity, and unrequited love. The original series (the first eight episodes shown) was such a hit that viewers at home were left panting for more . . . and they got it. Queer as Folk 2 is two one-hour episodes that continue the program which created more heated newsprint that any show in years. While rumor has it that Joel Schumacher is out to make an Americanized version of Queer as Folk for Showtime, we all know that there’s nothing quite like the original.

Matinee- 2:00

Queer as Folk -Episodes 1, 2, & 3


Queer as Folk -Episodes 4, 5, & 6

Evening- 7:30

Queer as Folk - Episodes 7 & 8


Queer as Folk 2 – Episodes 1 & 2


Monday 6/5/00-7:30pm

Sexual Exiles

(Irene Sosa, 1999, 32 min, Beta)

Gay and lesbian immigrants from several countries discuss the reasons behind their decisions to leave their friends and families and move to the United States. Here they can openly express their sexuality without the fear of socially condoned abuses or death they would experience in their home countries.

Kiss My Cleats

(Beth Pielert, USA 1999, 18 min, Beta)

This documentary of the gay games explores the energy and excitement the players on the soccer team bring to it, as well as the secret life of one team member.


Love Reinvented

(Various Directors, France, 1998, 68 min)

Can two best friends become lovers? When do you think about using a condom during sex? How do you come out to your parents? Will someone's HIV status keep you from becoming involved with him/her? What would you sacrifice for your lover? Can fantasy be as good as reality?   These questions and more are explored in this charming collections of shorts from France. Originally a ten film collection sponsored by the French government to explore gay, lesbian, and HIV related issues, this feature has had two films (Close To and Cherish) added to complete the package. French with English subtitles.

Tuesday  6/6/00- 7:30pm

Crash Skid Love

(Chris Chong, Canada 1998, 2 min, Beta)

A Claymation skater-boy love story that swings.

Lost Cause

(Glenn Gaylord, USA 2000, 7 min, 35mm)

A comical look at the present state of social-service bureaucracies ensues when a young man who’s having trouble with his medication attempts to receive some help by phoning his local AIDS center.

Laugh in the Dark

(Justine Pimlott, Canada 1999, 48 min, 3/4" video)

This documentary explores the experiences in the local community of a group of gay men and lesbians from Toronto who open a bed and breakfast in the dying town of Crystal Beach, Ontario. 


The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me

(Tim Kirkman, USA 2000, 85 min)

David Drake is the gay "Everyman" in this one-man recreation of the off-Broadway play. He shifts from persona to persona, documenting such experiences as buying that first Village People album, a young boy’s first kiss, working out in the gym, losing friends to AIDS, and a look at a brighter, more hopeful future. David Drake will be present.


Wednesday 6/7/00- 7:30pm

Straight down the Aisle

(Chris Russo and Kelly Hankin, USA 2000, 23 min, Beta)

This documentary goes behind the scenes of traditional weddings to talk to lesbian bridesmaids and their various experiences. Topics include struggles over bringing their girlfriends/partners and standing up for their ex-gay lovers.

Maid of Honor

(Jennifer Arnold, USA 1998, 24 min, 35mm)

Two lovers learn that a progressive, open relationship is no insurance against heartache in an era when no relationship seems to last.


(Sheryl Lee Ralph, USA 1998, 13 min, 35mm)

A wedding shower turns sour when six childhood friends must figure out which two of their men are sleeping together.


Head On

(Ana Kokkinos, Australia 1998, 104 min, 35mm)

Nineteen. For many it's an age that brings with it many torments and just as many adventures. It's the time of struggle between conforming to familial and social expectations and allowing your independeny self to come bursting forth. For Ari, our protagonist, it's also a time of conflict between his traditional Greek-Australian values and his realization that he's gay. This film highlights a day in his life as he travels on his path towards self-discovery. As a denial of self, Ari throws himself into a hedonistic binge of drug taking, club hopping, and casual anonymous sex. However, his hidden sexual exploits finally come to a "head on" clash with his straight world when he meets a cute blond named Shawn. Is this what Ari needs in order to come to terms with himself?


Thursday 6/8/00- 7:30pm

Gay Shame

(Scott Berry, USA 1998, 9 min, Beta)

Much in the spirit of those who spoke out against the Millennium March On Washington, this group of radical queers talks about their politics and the shame they feel towards traditional "pride politics."

Strain of You

(Sibyl O’Malley, USA 1999, 13 min, 16mm)

When Jonathan dies of AIDS, his mother attempts to find some understanding by seeking out a young, gay man in her neighborhood.


Aimee & Jaguar

(Max Farberbock, Germany 1998, 126 min, 35mm)

A re-enactment of the tale that inspired the documentary Love Story, Aimee and Jaguar is based on the true story of a love affair between two women from different sides of the war that ripped Europe apart in the 1940s. Felice, a Jewish lesbian who is an active member of an underground organization, and Lily, wife of a Nazi soldier and mother of four, come together in the days of the Battle of Berlin to take comfort in each other, help each other stay alive, and lose themselves in the passion that glows between them. (A) German with English subtitles.



Friday  6/9/00-7:30pm


(Andy Abrahms Wilson, USA 1999, 5 min, Beta)

Filmed entirely underwater, this short portrays how beautiful the end of a relationship can be.


(Parris Patton, USA 1999, 65 min, 35mm)

This documentary provides a four year chronicle of the journey to womanhood of Stacey "Hollywood" Dean, a courageous transgender woman. From the family she left behind in North Carolina to the community she joined in Hollywood, Creature explores her odyssey through interviews with Stacey, as well as with her close friends and family, who are not always supportive of the decisions she’s made.

Bondage Television

(Stev’nn Hall, USA 1999, 6 min, Beta)

This collage of clips from adult and mainstream film reveals that S/M images exist on a much broader scale in popular culture than we ever could have imagined.


Just One Time

(Lane Janger, USA 1999, 93 min, 35mm)

If you enjoyed the short of the same name from last year's festival, you'll love this full, feature-length version of Just One Time. Set in New York's East Village, we enter the scene shortly before Anthony and Amy's wedding day. Anthony reiterates his long-standing desire to engage in a three-way sexual encounter with Amy and another woman. Amy finally relents, but draws Anthony into a quid-pro-quo agreement: she'll engage in a same-sex sexual encounter only if he will too! As the couple goes their separate ways in search of their partners of choice, they find themselves forced to handle the stress this new dimension of their relationship creates. A mixed film for a mixed audience, your straight friends will love this film every bit as much as you will!


Saturday 6/10/00  Matinee- 2:30pm

The Ambiguously Gay Duo #8

(J.J. Sedelmaier, USA 1999, 3 min, Beta)

Teenagers Ace and Gary rescue the school from an overzealous heterosexual scientist.

Lesbian Teens in High School

(Norah Simon, USA 1999, 23 min, 3/4" video)

This film captures the sense of isolation that today's out teenagers have inherited from the hidden lives of the past.  The teenagers present themselves as historical agents whose activism will create better lives for future high school students. 

Birthday Time

(Lawrence Ferber, USA 1999, 19 min, 16mm)

Christopher is determined to get his first gay kiss by his eighteenth birthday, which is only three days away!  Filmmaker will be present.


Show Me Love

(Lukas Moodysson, Sweden 1998, 89 min)

High School is tough for everyone, but it’s especially difficult for gay students. Agnes is an outcast who’s smitten with the very popular Elin. Elin’s getting tired of the party scene and of living in Fucking Amal (the original title), where news moves so slowly, things are "out" elsewhere before they’re "in" in Amal.  Elin thought little of Agnes until one night when she kisses Agnes on a bet . . . and realizes she enjoyed it. Will the two girls be able to overcome their different places in the high school class system, or will they be torn apart by the viciousness of that world? A film that swept native Oscars and honors at the Berlin Film Festival, Show Me Love is one show you won’t want to miss. Swedish with English subtitles.


Saturday 6/10/00   Evening- 7:30

The evening is a benefit for the Cinestudio Endowment Challenge Campaign

The Ambiguously Gay Duo #7

(J.J. Sedelmaier, USA 1998, 3 min, Beta)

Ace and Gary read us some of their exciting fan mail!


(Luc Feit, Germany 1998, 3 min, 35mm)

Two young men trying to make love are continually interrupted by the nosy woman next door.


(J.J. Sedelmaier, USA 1998, 3 min, Beta)

A new "Superhero" who now crusades against his former buddies.

Shame No More

(John Krokidas, USA 1999, 12 min, 16mm)

What will Johnny do when he realizes he’s (gasp) heterosexual? For a high school boy living in this homosexual world, nothing could be worse. What will his dads do when they discover his disease? 

Mmm...Smells Like Christmas

(Tyler Polhemus, USA 1999, 13 min, 16mm)

It's Christmas Eve and Gregory is stuck inside his Dittikin Faber City apartment because the French have unleashed giant cockroaches upon the Dittikin Faber Corporation with whom they are at war. When one breaks into his apartment, Gregory is in a battle against time to find the pesticide he knows his mother has given him as a Chirstmas gift. Will he find it in time? And just what will this pesticide do?




But I'm a Cheerleader

(Jamie Babbit, USA 1999, 81 min, 35mm)

Director Jamie Babbit describes But I'm a Cheerleader as being "told from a femme point of view, one that has been ignored in the cannon of lesbian movies which have primarily been from the vantage point of a butch." To a genre that has brought us films such as The Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls in Love and Go Fish, But I'm a Cheerleader is a welcome addition. Looking at the merging sexuality of a girl in high school, this film struggles with stereotypes of what is and is not "lesbian." Megan is pretty, popular, dates the captain of the football team, and has a secure position on the cheerleading squad. How could she possibly be a lesbian? However, her parents are nervous because she also happens to be a vegetarian and hasher walls covered in Melissa Etheridge posters. Their response to their fears are to send her off to True Directions, a homosexual rehabilitation camp full with a twelve-step program. Megan, however, can't seem to get past the first step--admitting she's a lesbian; she doesn't think she is. But then her notions of herself are challenged further when she meets Graham, a rebel tomboy, and the sparks fly.

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