EROS Pride Festival


November 6 - 9, 2002




Presented in conjunction with

EROS - Trinity College's Gay-Straight Alliance

(Encouraging Respect Of Sexualities)





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EROS Film Festival Schedule

Date/Time 2:30 PM 7:30 PM 9:30 PM

Wed Nov 6th

--  Girl King --
Thurs Nov 7th -- The Wedding Video --
Fri Nov 8th --  Gypsy 83 Notorious C.H.O.
Sat Nov 9th OUT in the Cold  &
Notorious C.H.O.  Watermelon Woman 




Film Descriptions


Girl King   (Ileana Pietrobruno, Canada, 2001, 16mm, 80 min)

A sexy, swashbuckling, gender-bending adventure on the high seas! Naïve baby Butch is taken prisoner by lusty pirate Captain Candy, and enlisted on a hunt to reclaim the beautiful Queen’s stolen treasure.  Under the queen’s wrathful gaze, tops are bottomed, tranny sailors seduce pirate captains, kings are mothers and cross-dressing femmes pack a wallop.  Decidedly tongue-in-cheek, this clever tale uses a stylish pastiche of ‘pirated’ images and themes to lead us into the uncharted oceans of dyke desire and queer identity.  With an amazing soundtrack by Amon Tobin, Girl King is a uniquely erotic tale that is both sexy and thoughtful.     Wednesday, November 6, 7:30 p.m.

The Wedding Video     (Clint Cowen and Norm Korpi, USA, 2001, video, 84 min)  

Norman Korpi, first gay resident on MTV’s The Real World, conceived this hip, clever video collage that chronicles his wedding to boyfriend Sky.  Clint, the videographer hired to record the big event, sets out to do much more, seeking out and interviewing all the important people in Norm’s life, ten ex-members of The Real World, portraying exaggerated versions of their perceived public images.  In true reality-TV style, the camera is everywhere, recording the good, the bad, and especially the ugly.     Thursday, November 7, 7:30 p.m.


Gypsy 83   (Todd Stephens, USA, 2001, 35mm, 95 min)

Two misfit Goths, a washed-up lounge singer, an Amish runaway, a group of frat boys and 1,000 Stevie Nicks impersonators . . . Gypsy(Sara Rue of TV's Popular and Less Than Perfect) is a rock 'n roll wannabe.  Her best friend, Clive (Kett Turton), is just barely-out-of-the-closet.  Together, they leave the boredom of Sandusky, OH, and set out for the “Night of 1,000 Stevies” in New York, hoping to find love and acceptance. Along the way they encounter lounge diva Bambi LaBleau played by a knowing Karen Black.  A wonderful coming-of-age story and road movie from the creator of Edge of Seventeen.    Friday, November 8,  7:30 p.m.


Notorious C.H.O.     (Lorene Machado, USA, 2002, 35 mm, 95 min)

Filmed live at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, Margaret Cho is back with another raunchy, raucous and real one-woman show, to follow up the cult success of her 2000 film “I’m the One That I Want.”  A brilliant, taboo-busting comedian in the spirit of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Margaret Cho is known as much for her raunchy humor as she is for her enormous contributions as a social equalizer and healing force.  Notorious C.H.O. was inspired by the ladies of rap music, particularly their wonderfully lustful and bawdy expressions of strength and sexuality through their images. Like those women, Margaret Cho has a dash of that "Queen Bee" and "Pit Bull in a Skirt" vibe. Her raw material has a decidedly female spin on machismo, tough as the perfectly manicured nails of her counterparts.  Cho is a smart, sexy, 21st century gay diva.     Friday, November 8,  9:35 p.m.    &    Saturday, November 9, 7:30 p.m.


OUT in the Cold     (Eric Criswell and Martin Bedogne, USA, 2001, video, 52 min)

This riveting documentary provides a forum for the unvoiced stories of runaway and homeless lesbian, gay and transsexual youth.  OUT in the Cold examines who and why families turn their backs on their children, and challenges the audience to become part of the solution to this disturbing problem.  Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the 2002 NY Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.     Saturday, November 9,  2:30 p.m.

- AND -

SPEAK UP!     (John Kaslauskas, USA, 2001, video, 30 min)  

Speak Up! explores the discrimination LGBT teenagers face at school, where kids can be extremely mean without even knowing it, and teachers often look the other way.  Here students share their personal experiences (both painful and rewarding), as do teachers and parents.     Saturday, November 9,  2:30 p.m.


The Watermelon Woman
(Cheryl Dunye, USA, 1996, 16mm, 90 min)

The return of a classic!  Cheryl Dunye's debut feature is as controversial as it is sexy and funny.  Dunye's character (Cheryl) is a twenty-something black lesbian working as a clerk in a video store while struggling to make a documentary about Fae Richards, an obscure black actress from the 1930's.  Cheryl is surprised to discover that Richards (known popularly as "the Watermelon Woman") had a white lesbian lover.  At the same time, Cheryl falls in love with a very cute white customer at the video store (Guinevere Turner from Go Fish).  Such are the complexities of race and sex in this startlingly fresh debut, which has been attacked by conservative Congressmen for having been funded by the NEA and lavishly praised in the editorial pages for being charming and courageous.  "Dazzling! Imagine Woody Allen refashioned as an African American lesbian." - New York Press     Saturday, November 9,  9:35 p.m.


Free closing night dessert reception - 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening.

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